Jensen & Misha at Comic Con 2014 [x]


do not pity the dead, harry, pity the living, and above all those who think feminism means hating men.

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I don’t care. No one else dies. Everyone on that list, everyone on that dead pool — it doesn’t matter if they’re wendigos or werewolves or whatever — I’m gonna save every one.

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Natalie Dormer attends the “Women Who Kick Ass” panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

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  • me: It seems that I am not immediately excellent at this
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: it is because I am a failure
  • me: everything I touch dies
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Oberyn Martell meme: (3/3) three outfits → miscellaneous
”(…) and slender Prince Oberyn Martell in flowing robes of striped orange, yellow, and scarlet.





This is “The Safest Wall” in Seoul, South Korea. Young couples show their love for each other by locking a pair of padlocks to this fence, and throwing the keys over the edge. By throwing away the keys, they are showing their undying commitment to each other. And if you are out there, I promise I will take you to this place. I hope you exist. I’m waiting.

And then he cheats on you.


Definitely worth a second reblog.

LOL the gif

haha went there yesterday

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Should be fun. I’m holding you so you won’t get whiplash.

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9x18, Meta Fiction
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favourite celebrity meme: [3/4] appearances

- vanity fair oscar party 2014

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so these are now floating around and they are kinda fun as gifs too I guess?

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